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Introduction to the company

Founded in 1997, XGROUP Corp. today it is a large manufacturer of motorcycles . It has about 500 employees, with an area of over 60,000 square meters , of which 40,000 square meters are dedicated to R & D, manufacturing and production.

All our models come from our engineering team 50 people, some of whom have previously worked for Honda, Kawasaki and Jialing. The experience, knowledge and ability of our management, engineering and technical teams combined, puts us in a handful of companies dedicated to the production of safe, fun and affordable for people of all ages motorcycles.

Our department R & D has 28 engineers and technicians, with skills ranging from the manufacture of molds by hand, forging, casting, machining, welding and painting

We have integrated the latest available software, Auto CAD for our engineers and technicians, empowering them to make the most of the systems to be more creative and innovative in our latest designs, the latest version of the ERP system through our our company to develop products more efficiently to increase productivity and achieve excellent quality so that everyone deserves. 99% of our motorcycles and ATVs have EEC, CE, EPA, CARB, ISO9001 Standards and WMI past.

Our Quality Control

Our quality control department consisting of 4 teams of 13 people, carried out intensely strict daily routine controls in all manufacturing, parts, products and production to ensure that all leaves our factory meets and / or exceeds the quality enforceable. Parts that are purchased from external suppliers also go through tests to ensure that they meet the standards Xmotos. If the parties do not pass inspection by 91%, then the entire batch is rejected and done it again.

Each motorcycle and ATV leaving the assembly line, checks, undergo a dynamometer to ensure that it performs according to Xmotos standards and to meet or exceed the standards ISO9001

Team competition

Xmotos also has its own racing team. We founded our race team to test and refine our prototypes.

This way they can tell us what is working well in a new product and what it is not, the new prototypes undergo a rigorous test of 200 hours of testing to find flaws and defects in the designs and pieces. If all goes well, we continue the process to request the necessary certificates and produce a motorcycle that everyone can enjoy, and if not then passes his return to the drawing board and try again.


We were a company of motorcycles unknown four years ago, and today we infidad of satisfied customers with our products and service. Whenever we receive and welcome any feedback from our customers regarding our products, and we always take this into careful consideration. If you ever have a problem with any product, check to make sure that the product is flawless performed. Our reputation speaks for itself really.

Xmotos's goal is to provide our valued customers and community with a stable, efficient, affordable, high-performance and most importantly a safe product.

About us


Our factory has enough space to cover all needs


We like to show our products in the best exhibitions worldwide

Test Track

Our bikes are tested on foot factory

Quality control

We have a large storage space to verify and distribute orders once made